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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school!

Headteacher                  Mrs Sarah Mann

Class 1 teacher             Miss Chloe Hadlow
Class 2 teacher             Mrs Ashleigh Griffith
Class 3 teacher             Miss Niamh Keogh
Class 4 teacher             Mrs Sarah West


SEN/D Coordinator: Our headteacher Mrs Sarah Mann is the school's SEN/D Coordinator and may be contacted via the school office email or telephone number.  Please see school contact information for details.

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Ronel Blacker
Mrs Dawn Briggs
Mrs Debbie Jordan
Mrs Zoe Lock
Mrs Rachel Pearson
Mrs Kathy Slark
Office Staff
Mrs Julie Letch

School Cook

Ms Stacey Rolfe


Cleaning staff        

Situation vacant