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A visit to Renault Formula 1

On Monday 2nd March 2020 we took our School Council and Eco Council to Renault Sport Racing (conveniently sited just a couple of miles away!) to interview driver Daniel Ricciardo.  The children were delighted to meet Daniel and quizzed him on a variety of topics.  They then had a tour of the site and saw engineers and designers at work, building the latest race car.  This was a very exciting and educational trip for our student bodies, who had lots to report to their peers when they returned.  Perhaps some of our pupils will now be inspired to follow a career in design or engineering - or even driving a racing car!  The Eco Warriors made sure that the team were given a good grilling about their green credentials and were pleased to hear about systems that Renault Sport Racing already have in place to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as their ideas for the future.


A short film of the children's interview with Daniel Ricciardo may be accessed by following this link: