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Enstone Primary School

Happy, Motivated, Achieving.


At Enstone Primary School we offer a rich and engaging curriculum which encourages a lifelong love of learning.  Our pupils are supported to gain knowledge and skills through an approach to teaching and learning which values exploration, creativity, curiosity, independence, collaboration, resilience and reflection.  Our curriculum offers enrichment activities that go beyond the classroom and beyond the school day.  We are fully inclusive and embrace difference, adapting our curriculum and our approach to meet the varying needs of our pupils.  Our expectations are high: all members of our school community are encouraged to embrace a growth mindset and to challenge themselves to be the best they can be.

Reading and Phonics

We use "Bug Club Phonics" to structure and support our teaching of Phonics throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.  "Bug Club Phonics" reading scheme books support children's early reading development by closely matching texts to their stages in phonics development.  We also have extensive class libraries of age-appropriate picture books, novels and non-fiction books to further support reading development, plus a beautiful library which children are encouraged to visit regularly.


We are a "Schoolreaders" partner school.  "Schoolreaders" recruits, places and supports volunteers in local primary schools to give children one-to-one reading support on a weekly basis, boosting their literacy skills, confidence, and reading fluency. We’re proud to be a partner school, able to provide our pupils with this valuable extra reading time each week! 



More information regarding the curriculum on offer at Enstone Primary School can be found in the School Prospectus.  See below under Admissions.


Further information about the curriculum may also be found on the individual class pages of this website and under the "School Activities" tab.  Here you will find photographs of us engaging in all sorts workshops, trips and other fun activities as part of our broad curriculum offer to pupils.

Some of our subject-based curriculum maps and class curriculum plans are available to view on this page - please click on the document that interests you.