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Starting in September 2008, a student council of "Eco Warriors" have led the school towards becoming an Eco-School, which we first achieved in January 2011. The Green Flag was presented to the Eco Warriors by Cllr. Ian Hudspeth, acknowledging the work of all the children who had been Eco Warriors, with the support of the whole school community.  In  2013, 2015, 2017, 2019 and 2021 we faced a re-assessment, which we passed with flying colours each time, retaining our Green Flag status.
Our Eco Code 
Please pick up your litter and keep the school grounds tidy.

Leave your rubbish in a recycling bin! Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Always turn off the lights if not in use.

Never leave the taps running.

Eat more healthy food and drink plenty of water.

Think about your transport and try to walk instead of drive.


We all need to work together to help save our environment as our priority.

There is no Planet B!



Eco Highlights 2021-22

Eco Highlights 2020-2021

Travel Plan

Eco Highlights 2019-20

Eco highlights 2018-19

In May 2019 we received our "Green Flag" and International Eco-Schools award certificate for continued excellence in improving environmental performance and learning  This is what the assessor had to say about our school:

"It was a joy to meet and talk with the Eco-Warriors this morning.  Mrs Briggs is an inspiration and fantastic motivator for the group...

Environmental issues are at the heart of the school's ethos and this shows. All the children are part of what has given the school its Green Flag status."

Well done Eco Warriors!


Some of our Eco Projects

How many species can you see from our school pond?