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Welcome to our School Council page


The School Council is composed of two representatives from each year group, who elect a chairperson, a secretary, a head of publicity and also fulfill other key committee roles. They meet regularly and often run charity fundraising events.

It is the class representatives' jobs to:


  • Attend meeting regularly.
  • Talk to the children they represent and give their views to the Council.
  • Feedback from the Council to the children.
  • Make suggestions for change and have ideas to share with the Council.


School Council Members Sept 2019


SC Library sessions run by Mrs Slark
Field Fun Club run by SC
SC Playground Challenge fundraiser 2019
Red Nose Day 2019
RND Joke competition
SC decorating biscuits for RND
 Enstone House for Christmas Carols
Class 4 re-stocking their library box
Year 5 and 6 enjoying a lunchtime library session
2018 Spotacular hunt
Children racing round the Spotacular course
SC visiting the residents of Entsone House
Sc Fun in the Sun event
SC running games on the field


Comic Relief Talent Show 2017
2017 School Council members
Wearing our Christmas jumpers to dinner
Christmas Jumper Day for 'Save the Children'.
Winning a new bike!
SC members next to the school council board
Monitoring the use of our playground toys
A "Spotacular" lunch for Children in Need