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Welcome to our School Council page


The School Council is composed of two representatives from each year group, who elect a chairperson, a secretary, a head of publicity and also fulfill other key committee roles. They meet regularly and often run charity fundraising events.

It is the class representatives' jobs to:


  • Attend meeting regularly.
  • Talk to the children they represent and give their views to the Council.
  • Feedback from the Council to the children.
  • Make suggestions for change and have ideas to share with the Council.
Picture 1 Comic Relief Talent Show 2017
Picture 2 2017 School Council members
Picture 3 Wearing our Christmas jumpers to dinner
Picture 4 Christmas Jumper Day for 'Save the Children'.
Picture 5 Decorating our school Christmas tree
Picture 6 Winning a new bike!
Picture 7 Class 2 members next to the school council board
Picture 8 Monitoring the use of our playground toys
Picture 9 Playtime toys
Picture 10 A "Spotacular" lunch for Children in Need
Picture 11 2018 Spotacular Spot Hunt