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Starting in September 2008, the Eco Warriors have led the school towards becoming an Eco-School, which we achieved in January 2011. The Green Flag was presented to the Eco Warriors by Cllr. Ian Hudspeth, acknowledging the work of all the children who'd been Eco Warriors, with the support of the whole school community.  In January 2013 we faced a re-assessment, which we passed with flying colours retaining our Green Flag status. We were again awarded the Green Flag in 2017.
Our Eco Code
Please turn off the lights.
Listen to the world and look after it.
Always pick up litter.
Never leave the taps dripping.
Everyone be eco.
Try to reduce, reuse and recycle.       


. 1 Collecting for Oxfam Unwrapped.
. 2 Digging for 'What's Under Your Feet?'
. 3 Making a hedgehog house.
. 4 'Bags to School' collection.
. 5 Making willow stars.
. 6 Having a Eco Warriors meeting.
. 7 Talking about Switch Off Fortnight.
. 8 Collecting printer cartrdges.
Picture 1
Picture 2 Mrs Mann opened our new pond.
Picture 3 Pond dipping in our new pond.
Picture 4 At the woodland for outdoor learning.
Picture 5 Checking the lights
Picture 6 Paper making
Picture 7 The Big Clean-up
Picture 8 Eco Art
Picture 9 Oxfam display
Picture 10 Waste free lunch
Picture 11 Bug hotel