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Green Dragon Week

Think ‘Dragon’s Den’ then add an eco theme and you get ‘Green Dragon Week’. This was an exciting and creative curriculum week, during which teams throughout the school developed a product, made it, adapted it, marketed it and finally pitched it to ‘The Dragons’ on Friday. Class 1 created stylish photo frames, whilst Classes 2, 3 and 4 designed a range of products from storage boxes, book rests, bird feeders, storage systems to sort recyclable materials etc. all of which were made by re-using materials.
Picture 1 Class 4's rocket pencil case
Picture 2 Class 3's bird feeder
Picture 3 Class 2's storage boxes
Picture 4 Class 1's photo frames
Picture 5 The making process
Picture 6 The making process
Picture 7 Pitching to 'The Dragons'
Picture 8 Pitching to 'The Dragons'