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Curriculum Themed Weeks

Throughout each academic year we have many special events, such as off-timetable (themed) weeks, special celebration days, sports tournaments, musical events and lots of other activities designed to enrich our children's education beyond the statutory curriculum.  Here are some photos to give you an idea - visit the links below to find out more about particular events.
Picture 1 Our Young Enterprise stalls
Picture 2 Our Young Enterprise stalls
Picture 3 Plate spinning
Picture 4 Circus skills workshop
Picture 5 Our visit to Bayards Hill School
Picture 6 International Food Tasting
Picture 7 International Dance Workshops
Picture 8 African Drumming Workshop
Picture 9 Why do stars twinkle?
Picture 10 A Milky Planet Investigation
Picture 11 Asteroid Craters Investigation
Picture 12 Space Odyssey